Master of Science in Information Systems

Degree Program

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported strong growth in all computer and IT-related job categories, with a 12% increase in employment forecasted from 2014 through 2024. In addition to high demand for well-trained Information Systems and technology professionals, graduates will be needed in areas including computer systems design, software publishers, government, and civil services.

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree program at CSULB helps students to master the latest technology used to manage digital information, in preparation to become project leaders and decision-makers. Located in Southern California’s busy technology corridor—one of the world’s centers of technological innovation—the MSIS program provides the advanced training, technical skills, and competitive advantages that employers seek when hiring IT professionals.

The MSIS program provides specialization in cybersecurity and privacy, along with in-depth knowledge of the latest information technologies used to increase efficiency and effectiveness, enhance customer and supplier relations, and ensure sustainability. This program is designed to produce graduates who meet the ever-growing workforce needs for IT managers, systems analysts, application developers, corporate security specialists, database administrators, and software developers—roles which can often lead to leadership positons across different industries.

The 30-unit, cohort-based MSIS degree program was created in partnership with CSULB’s College of Business (COB) and College of Professional & International Education (CPIE). The program is offered in two tracks: accelerated full-time (21 months) and part-time for working professionals (24 months).

This is a STEM-designated program designed to provide students with the expertise necessary to work in the field of information systems.

For more information, visit the CSULB College of Business MS Information System's website.

  • Working professionals seeking to advance their careers in fields such as data processing, information technology and systems management, or application development
  • Individuals with technical backgrounds in science, math, or engineering who want to acquire expertise in information systems
  • Undergraduates earning a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Math, Engineering, Statistics, or Accounting
  • International students seeking to further their careers in information systems, who have degrees in Information Systems, Computer Science, Math, Engineering, or Statistics
  • In-depth analysis of digital transformation, data analytics, cybersecurity & privacy
  • Developing and sustaining a business model for technology-based start-up companies
  • Additional focus on security and assurance for protection of data, software and resources
  • Lock-step scheduling that offers flexible options for either full-time or part-time students
  • How to contribute to the design, development, and management of information systems in a fast-moving business environment
  • How to lead the development of innovative technologies and applications related to acquiring, producing, and disseminating information
  • How to develop new business opportunities and solve management problems
  • How to apply disruptive technologies to transform businesses and technology ventures
  • How to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to be employed in many capacities as an information systems manager, a systems analyst, an application developer, a corporate security specialist, and a database administrator among others
  • Cybersecurity & privacy
  • Digital transformation
  • Data analytics
  • Information systems analysis and design
  • Database application development
  • eBusiness and quantitative methods
  • Critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • Business ethics and management subjects