International Education & Global Engagement
  • International Education & Global Engagement

    Associate Vice President for International Education and Global Engagement
    Dean, College of Professional and International Education:
    Jeet Joshee


    American Language Institute

    Director of the American Language Institute: Jacqueline Record

    Operations Coordinator: Laura Beaini

    Admissions Counselor: Janeth Mendoza

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    Center for International Education

    Associate Dean & Executive Director for International Programs: Terrence Graham

    Center for International Education Administrative Coordinator: Joseph Phillips


    Education Abroad

    Director of Education Abroad: Sharon Olson

    Exchange & Education Abroad Advisor: Jennifer Hayat

    Exchange & Education Abroad Advisor: Lauryn White

    International Scholarship Advisor: Linda Olson-Levy


    International Admissions

    Director of International Admissions: Doris Lee

    Assistant Director of International Admissions: Mindy Nieto

    International Admissions Counselor: Lynn Christopher

    International Admissions Processor: Jessica Slagle

    International Admissions Evaluator: Adelina Armenta

    International Admissions Evaluator: Kim Menchavez

    International Admissions Evaluator: Marlene Ortiz


    International Recruitment

    Director of International Recruitment: Sean Cochran

    International Recruitment Coordinator: Mercy Xu


    Office of International Students & Scholars

    Director of International Students & Scholars: Eugenia Kim

    Assistant Director of International Students & Scholars: Xochitl Lopez


    International Programs Coordinator: Crystal Flores

    International Student Advisor: Mayra Serna-Gallegos

    International Student Advisor: Vannara Schlesinger

    International Student Advisor: Tammy Guzman

    International Student & Scholar Advisor: Ignacio Castor

    Immigration Analyst: Jessica Slagle


    International Training Programs

    Director of International Training Programs: Heidi Zhang

    Program Manager: Anthea Xu

    Program Associate: Siyu Tang


    Study Abroad @ the Beach

    Director of Study Abroad @ the Beach: Christopher Mefford

    Program Coordinator: Kelly Martinez

    Academic Advisor: Caroina De la Rosa Bustamante