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California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) bilateral exchange programs and California State University (CSU) Systemwide exchange programs are available to students without U.S. citizenship attending foreign universities with established exchange agreements.  If you are uncertain if your university is an exchange partner, please contact your university’s exchange advisor.

If your university does not have an exchange agreement with the CSU or CSULB, you might consider attending CSULB for one or two semesters as a visiting student through the Study Abroad @ the Beach program.

CSU Systemwide Exchange Program Information

The CSU systemwide program is run by the CSU Office of the Chancellor staff, not CSULB staff. The deadline dates for students who wish to apply to CSULB through the systemwide CSU International Programs Exchange Program are often much earlier. Students should contact their Exchange Coordinators for exact deadline dates and instructions.

Application forms and detailed program information are available from your university’s exchange advisor. There is no application fee. See your home campus advisor for a copy of the CSU Systemwide applicaiton.

Students: Please address all questions regarding the exchange program to your home campus advisors until you are offcially accepted (or at least officially nominated).

CSULB Exchange Application Deadlines

(Again, please note that CSU systemwide program deadlines may differ.)

Fall term (August-December) and Academic Year (August-May) DEADLINE: March 1

Spring term (January-May) DEADLINE: October 1

Late applications only accepted with permission from the CSULB Inbound Exchange Coordinator and should be requested via the exchange coordinators, not students.
  • All exchange students must maintain full-time status (each semester).
  • Year-long exchange students must remain in good academic standing after semester one (at least a 2.0 GPA or 'C' average) in order to continue for a second semester.
Advisors: Please contact Jennifer Hayat with questions about available exchange spaces via the CSULB Bilateral exchange program.


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