College of Professional & International Education
  • Payment plan contracts are offered to assist students with paying course fees. They divide course fees into equal payments. Available payment plans are determined at the time of registration. Non-CSULB students will be required to make a down payment (one-third of the total payment) at the time of registration. A non-refundable $33 administrative fee is charged for participation in a payment plan, and is included as a part of the first installment payment. Once you enroll in a payment plan, changes to your academic load, subsequent fee increases, or new charges may affect the amount of your payments, which are not necessarily distributed evenly. It is your responsibility to check your account for any such changes.

    The payment plan does not cover some fees, such as library fines or course fees from a previous term. These fees will need to be paid prior to enrollment in a payment plan. Please note that if the contract is not reflected on your student account, registration is subject to cancellation.

    If your balance is not paid, your registration may be cancelled. You will be responsible for any additional fees.

    Eligibility Requirements: You must not have a past due balance for a prior term.

    Contact Student Financial Services at (562) 985-8280 or the CPIE Student Services Center at (562) 985-5561 with additional questions.