College of Professional & International Education
  • Please note: Fees are subject to change.

    The published fees for each course are the same, regardless of whether the course is being taken for credit or if a student is auditing. Summer Sessions are self-supporting and receive no funding on either the state or local level.

    Undergraduate students are defined as those who have not yet received bachelor's degrees. Students who have received a bachelor's degree are classified as graduate students, regardless of whether they are taking undergraduate level (100-400) or graduate level (500-700) coursework.

    For all non-CSULB students, the fees are as follows:
    • Undergraduate students - $331 per unit
    • Graduate students - $405 per unit
    • Teacher credential - $378 per unit
    A $106 Campus Mandatory Fee will also be charged, which includes:
    • Associated Students Incorporated Fee: $51
    • Instructionally Related Activities Fee: $8
    • Student I.D. Card Services: $5
    • University Student Union Fee: $42

    Fees are due by May 13. If you register after May 13, your fees are due at the time of registration. You are encouraged to make payments immediately to confirm your registration requests. Failure to fully pay the required fees may result in cancellation of your classes.

    If you will not be attending classes, it is your responsibility to drop your classes. Financial Aid recipients may be issued a fee deferment, which may prevent the cancellation of classes. If it is determined that you are not eligible for financial aid, all tuition and fees remain your responsibility.

    Check your account statement in your MyCSULB Student Center for your payment due date. If payment is not made by your due date, a hold will be placed on your account preventing enrollment in classes and other services.

    Late Registration Fee

    If you register on or after the first day of the session, your Summer Session fees will include a $25 non-refundable late registration fee.

    Additional Course Materials Fee

    Some online courses require exams to be taken with ProctorU and will be assessed an additional course materials fee. Please refer to the course footnotes for the fee cost. Students will be required to register for ProctorU and pay these fees separately from the registration for the course.

    Returned Checks

    A $20 fee is charged to the student for any dishonored check paid toward the student's university account (insufficient funds or stop payment). The amount of the original dishonored check plus the $20 fee becomes a financial obligation of the student to the university.

    A stop payment order on a check does not constitute an official withdrawal from a course, nor does it relieve the student from the financial obligation for fees incurred by registering for courses.

    If an obligation continues to be unpaid beyond the response period of a demand for payment, the student's name may be submitted to an outside collection agency or to the State of California Franchise Tax Board. If submitted to the Franchise Tax Board, the state has the authority to withhold amounts owed from any tax refund to which the student may have been otherwise entitled.

    Company or Organization Fee Payment

    A student whose company or organization wishes to be billed for that student's Summer Session fees must contact the Student Accounts Services Office (BH-155). Their company/organization must have a contract for this purpose with the University prior to registration.

    Student Financial Services Office Hours

    Monday-Friday          9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    For information call (562) 985-8280 during the service hours indicated above.

    International students who wish to have their fees billed to their company or organization should contact the Center for International Education (FND-180) at (562) 985-5555, press 2.

    Rollover of Fees

    Students may transfer fees to another Summer Session course without penalty prior to the start of each summer session.


    ​In response to COVID-19, the university is transitioning to alternate delivery of classes. Click here to learn more.