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  • Grading


    Grade Symbols


    A,B,C,D,F is the basic grading system used in all degree-directed course work. Some courses are available for a letter grade only; other courses are available for credit/no credit only indicated in course description listed in the current CSULB Catalog.


    Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)


    Some courses are only graded on a Credit/No Credit basis as noted in course descriptions. In a course where CR/NC grading is optional, students must indicate 'CR/NC' in the grade option box of a Grade Option Change Request Form, have the form signed by both the department in which the course is taught and by the student’s major advisor, and submit the completed form within the deadline schedule listed below. 'CR/NC' courses are included in determining unit load and students pay regular Winter Session fees.

    The decision to take a course on a CR/NC basis is final unless the change is requested prior to or on the filing deadline indicated in the schedule below.

    Refer to the CSULB catalog for the regulations and limitations pertaining to 'CR/NC' grading.

    A 'CR/NC' grade will not affect the student's GPA. Deadline to request this grade option is Thursday, December 26, 2019 for Session 1, and Wednesday, January 8, 2020 for Session 2.

    Audit (AU)

    Students wishing to audit a course (attend without receiving a recorded grade or academic credit) must register and pay the same fees as students enrolled for credit. Students must enroll by submitting a Winter Session Grade Option Change Request Form  and indicate “AU” in the grade option box, have the form signed by the instructor, and submit the completed form by the deadlines below. Students must observe the same registration procedures and deadlines as credit students.

    The decision to audit a course is final unless the change is requested prior to or on the audit deadline (see schedule below).

    To audit a class  the student must:

    The student may not reverse this decision and request a letter grade after the deadline to add a class. The deadline to request this grade option is Thursday, December 26, 2019 for Session 1, and Wednesday, January 8, 2020 for Session 2.


    Students may change their grade status from Credit/No Credit or Audit in accordance to the following deadlines:

    One-week course:

    2nd class meeting

    Credit/No Credit and Audit units are included in determining student’s unit load.

    Repeat/Delete Requests

    Students who wish to repeat a course should review the regulations in the CSULB Catalog or contact the Office of Enrollment Services at (562) 985-5471 for more information.

    Incomplete (I)

    An Incomplete signifies that a portion of the required course work has not been completed or evaluated during the prescribed time period because of unforeseen, but fully justified, reasons; and that there is still the possibility of earning credit for the course.

    It is the responsibility of the student to bring pertinent information to the instructor and to determine from the instructor the remaining course requirements to remove the Incomplete. The instructor will submit the required paperwork to the Enrollment Services. A final grade is assigned when that work has been completed and evaluated.

    An “I” must be made-up within one calendar year following the end of the term during which it was assigned. Failure to complete the assigned work during this time will result in the “I” being counted as a failing grade.

    Please refer to the current CSULB Catalog for additional information.

    Final Examinations

    Final exams are usually given on the last day of the course. Evening courses and accelerated day courses are expected to devote the last course meeting to final examinations.

    Keep in mind that students dropping courses during the final week of instruction must do so at least one calendar day before the published final date of instruction for that course regardless of the final date of the session. At that time, written approval from the instructor, department, and college dean are required on a Winter Session Registration form (the 2020 version will be available soon). Please refer to the Withdrawal section in General Information for more information.

    Checking Your Grades



    You may view your grades and unofficial transcript at MyCSULB after the term is graded. If you have any questions about your CSULB academic records, contact Enrollment Services (BH-101) at (562) 985-5471.

    You can request official CSULB transcripts in person or by mail. Please refer to  instructions.