College of Professional & International Education
  • Self-service registration is available via MyCSULB for students that enrolled through Open University during Fall 2019. Self-service registration takes place from October 28, 2019 through December 17 at 10 PM for Session 1; and from October 28 through January 1 at 10 PM for Session 2, using the steps for self-service registration below. Once classes begin for both sessions, all students must register in person. 

    Steps for Self-Service Registration
    1. Prepare to Register
    Log on to MyCSULB for the information you need to register. To avoid delays, check the following items:
    2. Select Your Classes
    Conveniently and easily view course offerings online.  You can use one or all of these options to get the course information you need:

    Need help?
    Refer to the topics under 'How to use MyCSULB' at MyCSULB.
    Registration assistance is available Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 5 PM and Fridays 9 AM to 5 PM at (562) 985-5561.