College of Professional & International Education
  • ​If you are planning on taking a course that requires prerequisites, in the College of Liberal Arts, Engineering, or Health and Human Services, we will need to verify that you are qualified to take the course. Please complete the following Course Approval Request Form to submit your request, and attach a scanned copy of your transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).

    Course Approval Request Form

    For courses in the College of Education, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, The Arts or Business, you must obtain the instructor’s permission directly. COB courses also require the Associate Dean’s approval (COB 100).     

    For the course information, please select the Course Subject from the drop-down menu, enter the 3-digit catalog number, and enter the 4- or 5- digit class number. For reference: in the example below, the course subject would be Asian Studies, catalog number is 315, and the class number is 9958.